Chief of Medicine Dr Sci Milica Kaludjerovic, dedicated her life to the development of Montenegrin pediatrics. Once she finalized basic and specialized studies in Belgrade, she returned to her hometown, Niksic. Investing her knowledge, love for her profession, warm and friendly attitude towards patients, she worked hard to improve both prevention and medical treatment of the youngest population in this town. She made a continuous effort to introduce modern approaches and raise the awareness in this small community, following the most recent developments in pediatrics worldwide.

Besides being recognized as a strong, charismatic and dedicated doctor, she was also characterized by excellent organizational skills, thus, as a young doctor she was entrusted management of the Outpatient Center for Children in Niksic. Having a restless, adventurous and investigative spirit, she focused on new and advanced professional challenges that lead her to the Children’s Hospital in Podgorica. Surrounded by an excellent team of doctors and inspired by new ideas, she managed to establish a neonatology ward, which still remains one of the most representative segments of the Montenegrin health system. But her spirit was again in search of something new. Despite professional and scientific success and skepticism of her friends and colleagues, she established one of the first private health institutions in Montenegro. Although already a mature doctor, who gained professional experience in socialist times, being a true visionary, she identified new development opportunities, setting new standards, unknown in our country at the time.

Private Health Institution “Milmedika” was established in 1993. A pioneer in private practice in Montenegro, at the time it was a modest outpatient center, with two employees. Soon after its establishment, a biochemical laboratory was also opened in Niksic, thus significantly expanding and improving the quality of medical service. Patients from throughout Montenegro came for treatment to the newly opened outpatient center, and this encouraged Dr Kaludjerovic to open another center in Budva. Although this was a new environment, a new town, owing to the numerous and satisfied patients, Milmedika became its important characteristics.

Pediatrics still remains the basic field of activity. Milmedika team today is comprised of six doctors and, with the support of a modern biochemical laboratory and a comfortable daily hospital, they manage to take care of a significant part of children’s pathology. A pediatrician here is practically a family doctor, as s/he knows well the actual state and continuously cares for regular patients, being available to them 24 hours a day. Approach to all other patients is the same – we try to be accessible always, not only for medical treatment, but for consultation as well. This is our approach from the very beginning and we do our best to make sure our patients actually experience it.

In the biochemical laboratory, we provide all types of hematological, biochemical and immunochemical analyses. Responding to the needs of modern diagnostics, with permanent coordination with doctors, we are continuously introducing new types of analyses, using modern methods. A specialist in clinical biochemistry is always available at the laboratory, offering consultations to patients, in order to give professional interpretation of the test results.

The Outpatient Center in Budva is a General Medicine Outpatient Center with Home Treatment, as well as a specialized outpatient pediatric center that can provide treatment for the overall “summer pathology”. Having in mind that Budva is a tourist center, we have tried to meet the needs of tourists, and to offer them the best and most comfortable manner of solving their problems. This involves speedy and efficient treatment of injuries and diagnostics in case of respiratory, intestine and all other diseases among children and adults. This center is organized as a daily hospital, allowing patients to receive IV therapy in comfortable rooms, under medical supervision. We have also organized mobile teams, comprised of a doctor and a nurse, and paying house visits. This attracted numerous patients – foreign tourists spending their vacation in Montenegro.


In Podgorica, we promote the concept of a modern and compact polyclinic, where we try to integrate all of our previous experience, with special emphasis on treatment and examination of pulmonary diseases. This outpatient center is situated in the urban part of the city, in the City quarter, with parking space right in front of the entrance to the center. This entrance is adapted to the needs of persons with disability. A comfortable waiting room, with a reception desk and a playroom for the youngest patients.

  • Pediatric outpatient center,
  • Room for taking and preparing samples for various laboratory analyzes,
  • Toilet for patients, adapted to the needs of patients with disability,
  • Intervention room,
  • Biochemical laboratory, equipped with devices of the newest generation, Roche-Integra 400 for biochemical analyzes and Cobas e411 for immunochemistry, and a Sysmex hematological analyzer, new model XS500, as the first one of this kind in Montenegro,
  • Pulmonology outpatient center, with modern laboratory for functional pulmonary diagnostics and a “body box” or cabin for bodily plethysmography and spirometry, allowing for allergy tests, as well,
  • The daily hospital has a special entrance-exit to the pedestrian zone, with a park for children, making the stay of our patients more pleasant and private.