Specialized pulmonology outpatient center

Within the pulmonology outpatient center, we have a modern laboratory for functional diagnostics of pulmonary diseases, with the “body box” or box for bodily plethysmography, offering precise diagnostics of all lung volumes, capacities and flows.

General Medicine Outpatient Center with Home Treatment

The Outpatient Center in Budva is a General Medicine Outpatient Center with Home Treatment, as well as a specialized outpatient pediatric center that can provide treatment for the overall “summer pathology”.

Biochemical Laboratory

We provide all types of hematological, biochemical and immunochemical analyses. Responding to the needs of modern diagnostics, with permanent coordination with doctors, we are continuously introducing new types of analyses, using modern methods.

Pediatric outpatient centers

Prevention represents the key aspect of work in the pediatric outpatient center, involving regular systematic examinations of newborns, infants, as well as advice on breastfeeding, nutrition and care for the child.

Daily Hospital

Following modern trends in medicine, according to which adequate therapy and careful monitoring of patients result in reduced the need for hospitalization, as an integral part of our three institutions we have opened a Daily Hospital.