Specialized pulmonology outpatient center

Specialized pulmonology outpatient center

Within the pulmonology outpatient center, we have a modern laboratory for functional diagnostics of pulmonary diseases, with the “body box” or box for bodily plethysmography, offering precise diagnostics of all lung volumes, capacities and flows.

It can also point to a probable place of obstruction of the respiratory flows, in a non-invasive manner, and determine level of hyperinflation, that is, lung hyperinflation (asthma) or emphysema in case of a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Numerous bronchial challenge tests are made during the examination, such as the test following physical activity or use of bronchodilator.

It also allows for non-invasive monitoring of oxygen values in blood, that is, hemoglobin oxygen saturation for all age groups.

We provide numerous allergy tests – in vitro to nutritive and inhaled allergens and in vivo test to inhaled allergens.

We hope to develop further this pulmonary laboratory, adding the equipment for sleep studies and spyroergometry, which will then, combined with bodily plethysmography, represent a state of the art laboratory for pulmonary diagnostics, according to the highest international standards.